A Virtual Gravel Riding Challenge

101 miles or 101 km

May 20, 2023

Dirty Roads 101

Formerly Gravel Fest, Dirty Roads 101 continues to be a celebration and is now a one-day gravel riding challenge paying homage to bicycles, big rides, and dirt roads!

The challenge is to ride either 101 miles or 101 kilometers using a “gravel/dirt road theme” on your ride. And we look to showcase dirt roads and spread gratitude for our rite of passage through them.

Plan out a worthy route. And take the challenge!

Share a fun fact about your local dirt roads… 

Location:  Planet Earth
Cost:  Participate is Free

Ride DateMay 20, 2023

Distances101 miles or 101 km

Dirty Roads 101 Challenge








David Epperson Photography

Ways to Participate


RIDE 101

Take the challenge! No sign up or entry fee required. Rally some riding buddies or go solo!


Use the hashtag #dirtyroads101 on Instagram to share your ride and showcase your dirt roads!


Join our DR 101 Strava Club. This is a great way to follow along and share your ride.


Give thanks for our rite of passage and share a fun fact about the dirt roads you ride. Thanks!

Bicycles + Big Rides + Dirt Roads

MAY 20, 2023

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STRAVA Club Event

One of the ways to participate is by joining our Strava Dirty Roads 101 Club. This is a great way to track your ride and discover some new routes.

Strava Dirty Roads 101 Club




101 kilometers or 101 miles.