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101 miles or 101 km

September 28, 2024


Back in 2018, when this “gravel-thing” really started getting some traction, I started an event called Gravel Fest. Gravel Fest was unique in the sense it was a week in duration, and the rides were all free. The mission behind Gravel Fest was to ride with my friends and connect with new people, and do so while riding the gravel roads around Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Gravel Fest has shifted course, yet there has always been a challenge element to the event. The first few years it was a 500 km challenge over 7 days. In 2022 it was the Gravel Fest 350 km challenge. And then in 2023 Gravel Fest became Dirty Roads 101.

Dirty Roads 101 continues with many of the original values from Gravel Fest, and at the core is about doing a big ride with friends. The mission has expanded to learning about and supporting organizations that protect and maintain our public lands along the way…

JR Thompson

JR Thompson

DR 101: Domestique

Take the challenge.

Ride locally. Or join us in Steamboat, Colorado.

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• Steamboat, Colorado

CostParticipation is free

Ride DateSeptember 28, 2024

Distances101 miles or 101 km

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Ways to Participate



Ride your local dirt roads. No sign up or entry fee required. Rally some buddies or go solo!

Steamboat, CO.

Departing from Bingham Built Bikes in Steamboat, Co. Routes options of 101 km or 101 miles.


Join the DR 101 Strava Club. This is a great way to share your ride and follow the challenge.


Support organizations who protect and maintain our public lands along the way… #ourdirtyroads

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STRAVA Club Event

Join our Strava Dirty Roads 101 Club. This is a great way to share your ride and follow the challenge.

Strava Challenge- Dirty Roads 101



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Steamboat, Colorado

(2024 Routes Coming Soon)


Ride departures from Bingham Built Bikes in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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Somewhere in Routt County, Colorado